I am thankful

Back in April my sisters and I met up for shopping. It was sort of random and something we don’t do often together.  My oldest sister, Carla orchestrated it with a simple text message “it is Macy’s family and friends day” and we magically assembled at North Park Mall.  We had an awesome time buying perfumes for ourselves and one another.  We spent most of our time in the perfume section being courted by salespersons who were impressed with our interaction and fondness all in the name of sisters.  And not to mention the ruckus we were making. 

You see Carla loves introducing us to the latest and greatest of perfumes.  That’s one of her signatures.  She introduced me to what she called my first “woman perfume”- “Coco Mademoiselle” by Chanel.  I still love that perfume as it leaves its mark wherever you appear and even when you disappear.  Now I understand what “big sis” was talking about and have continued to add to this collection. Today, I’m rocking “yellow diamond” by Versace another one of her recommendations (as a birthday gift) and head turners.       

From this day, the “Barnes’ sisters date” evolved and we have met up with one another monthly since then at various places for the specific occasion of celebrating our sisterhood!  And we’re territorial about it which has gotten us some pucker faces. 

At our last outing earlier this month, it was Carla’s turn to pick the activity.  And to my surprise she chose a high-end fancy restaurant where the cheapest entree was 35 bucks and not to mention cocktails and dessert were not included!   Now if you know my sister, she is the cheapest of all of us—like asking for lemon and water cheap. And “I’m going to deduct from your tip in one dollar increments thrifty.”  But oh what a great time we had! All Carla could say to us was “I come here for lunch.”  My sister Donna said she’s going to fix us and take us to Church’s Chicken, and I said after the bill came, “Sign me up for a two piece.”

So on this eve of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my sisters and the bond we share.  What are you thankful for?

            Chante Prox is a family law attorney and mediator practicing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area @ www.barnesproxlaw.com



National Adoption Day … a child is waiting

National Adoption Day

                November 23rd is National Adoption day.  On this day, courts in all 50 states finalize adoptions from foster care and celebrate and honor families who adopt.*  This day is also used to bring awareness of the more than 100,000 children currently in foster care in the U.S. 

            In Texas, there are thousands of children in the foster care system waiting for a loving “forever family.” Do you have the heart and desire to adopt? If so, follow the steps below; a child is waiting. 

            What is the process of becoming an adoptive parent?  The first requirement is that a single adult or a married couple must be at least 21 years old, financially stable, and be responsible, mature adults.  These qualifying prospective parents must then go through four steps.

            The first step is to attend an informational meeting held by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS).  This meeting discusses the scope and requirements of being an adoptive parent. 

            The second step is preparation and selection.  The prospective parent must meet with DFPS staff.  The staff will evaluate the prospective parent’s ability to take on this challenging role. 

            The third step is training.  The goal of this 35 hours of training is to boost a prospective parent’s knowledge and confidence to meet the challenges of taking children into their home and to be sure that the parent will be ready for the commitment. 

            The fourth and final step is a family home study.  A home study involves a DFPS staff member or contractor coming into the prospective parent’s home to discuss their personal history, family interests and lifestyle, childcare experiences, strengths and skills in meeting the children’s needs.  After all this, the prospective parent is able to consider caring for a specific child. 

            As an Attorney/Guardian Ad Litem appointed by the Court to represent children in foster care, I have witnessed firsthand the benefits that adoption can bring because the child is no longer lingering in the foster care system after parental rights have been terminated.  Permanency is the goal for a child and when they are unable to return home or be placed with family or fictive kin, adoption is the alternative. 

            To see the benefits of adopting, read heartwarming stories, and learn more about adoption visit https://www.dfps.state.tx.us/Application/TARE/Home.aspx/Default.  *Tarrant County will celebrate National Adoption Day on Friday, November 22, 2013; other states may celebrate on a different day as well

            Chante Prox is a family law attorney and mediator practicing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area @ www.barnesproxlaw.com

Love and loving is something I haven’t really paid much attention to

Earlier last week, I felt like something was off and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.  Things were flowing at the office without a hitch.   I started back “running” (and walking – keep me honest) with my running club after more than a year of being away.   My family and friends were okay.  All the bills were paid and I found a housekeeper.  And most of all, my hairstylist is moving back to Dallas from Allen this month!  Just to name a few things and conditions that gets me all out of whack and discombobulated.  Is that a word?  I digress.  So what could it be I said to myself?  I knew a scholarly explanation wouldn’t be the answer.

Then God revealed to me that I’m getting “weary” by what I see and don’t see.   For I know as a Christian, we walk by faith and not by sight.  But it wasn’t a faith issue necessarily, but a lack of patience.  And I believe this is why the following scripture continued to ring in my ear – even before the mystery feeling – “and let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.” (Galatians 6:9 KJV)  That’s how God operates; He goes before you and prepares the way such as placing that scripture in my heart knowing my struggle.

It’s the due season that has been the thorn in my side in an area of my life that I haven’t been as successful: relationships.  Yep I said it!  Now I can breathe.  It’s out there in the atmosphere floating succinctly with the zillions of other relationship-challenged individuals.  But don’t get a misunderstanding here, I’m not hopeless by no means.  I’m just traveling in an area that I haven’t been able to master so to speak.  But, when I look at my love life with “better eyes,” I really haven’t tried.

I confess though, the wait and being still is something I’m light on and pray heavily on this matter to the point I know God is sick of me.  I’m laughing out loud.  But at the end of the day with confession and supplication comes deliverance and with deliverance is victory!  I’m reminded that I have to fight for this victory as I do in other areas of my life such as my career.  Love and loving is something I haven’t really paid much attention to even though I’ve been married.  Well, I sort of fell into that, but that’s another topic for another day, so stay connected.

Bottom line, I am learning I have to not only invest in a loving relationship and make deposits like I have done with my professional life, but also to hang in there even when I don’t know what’s going to be on the other side.   So my prayer now is teach me how to stay in the game and fight to see the victory of love realized.