50 Random Things About Me

  1. A woman of faith
  2. Mother of 1 and a half (my niece is the daughter I always wanted)
  3. I have no middle name
  4. Youngest of 4 girls; always wanted a big brother
  5. I love the color red because it’s bold and speaks courage
  6. I am divorced and open to remarriage
  7. I am loyal; sometimes to my detriment.  But when I’m done with you, I’m done!
  8. I love spinach!
  9. Favorite nonalcoholic beverage; gourmet coffee
  10. I’m a girly girl (that’s probably obvious)
  11. Drove in a sitting President’s motorcade (White House security clearance)
  12. Coretta Scott King’s escort when she visited my undergrad school in the late ’80s
  13. Recognized by Texas Senate in SR 1022 http://www.legis.state.tx.us/tlodocs/78R/billtext/html/SR01022F.htm
  14. I can be rigid and require order; my first intern asked me “are you like a neat freak”(still laughing)
  15. Conservative values
  16. Raised by both parents in a real neighborhood; my grandmother lived several houses away
  17. I use “things to do lists” regularly; I feel accomplished when things are checked off
  18. I need adventure in my life to help balance me
  19. Sometimes I procrastinate on purpose (like the rush I get when I meet the deadline)
  20. I love having faithful cheerleaders 
  21. I get up early and get sleepy early but fight it; been fighting sleep since I was a child
  22. Was 36 when entered law school after my divorce (motivation)
  23. Even-tempered, but please don’t push it!
  24. I am content at home with a great movie, music and a glass of wine 
  25. My most over used saying “who does that?” 
  26. Favorite quiet time; writing in my journal (my peace)
  27. When I decide to rebel, I’m going to get my noise pierced (lol!)
  28. I could easily quit what I’m doing and travel the world and collect stamps in my passport
  29. I am who I am because of my parents (my favorite cheerleaders), so blame them 
  30. A favorite client quote “I like you because you’re street and office”
  31. Favorite song at the moment; “Encourage yourself” by Donald Lawrence & Tri-City Singers 
  32. I have no pets but I want a brown pug
  33. Favorite cologne; DonnaKaran Cashmere Mist or anything my oldest sister buys me
  34. Favorite holiday; Christmas and the white elephant game I play with my family
  35. Activity always wanted to do and finally got around to it; running 
  36. I smile a lot even at strangers
  37. I prefer non-fiction books; a favorite reading, Condi: The Life of a Steel Magnolia
  38. Sometimes I’m indecisive because I over analyze; I tell myself  I’m just taking my time as a justification
  39. I set goals, plan and act in that order
  40. I try hard not to sleepwalk through life but it’s easy to do when you’re routine-centered.  So, I have to shake things up every now and then.
  41.  I want a chef, driver and personal shopper #bucketlist
  42. I recently started playing golf and look forward to playing a game with my father
  43. I love taking “selfies” as vain as it is
  44. My love life is in a “holding pattern”; it’s not safe to land
  45. I like being a mediator; I have no client, no opposing counsel or Judge
  46. I like online shopping but hate paying for shipping, so I mainly shop at stores with free shipping
  47. I taught bible classes in college while other students were out partying (I know now I wasn’t missing anything)
  48. Last thing I purchased in 2013; groceries
  49. My 2013; a year of clarity and restoration
  50. Motto; “Be better because I know better and have seen better”                                                                   

Chante Prox is a family law attorney and mediator practicing in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area http://www.barnesproxlaw.com


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