Sometimes when you're routine oriented such as I am, you can find yourself sleep walking through life and not really capturing the moment as it unfolds.  That's being in the present and not worrying about what tomorrow holds or looking in that rear view mirror called the past.  And me and that "rear view mirror" [...]

Tips on hiring an attorney & contacting a law office

            Asking friends and family for a referral is one of the best ways to find attorneys to contact.  Their personal experiences with the attorney can help you decide whether that attorney is a good fit for you.  Ask them if the attorney was easy to talk to, whether he or she met deadlines, whether [...]

Good Friends

When I take an inventory of my life and the relationships I have developed over the years, I must say I have some great friends.  Friends who have walked with me through difficult and good times, but more importantly who understand the meaning of "sticketh closer than a brother." Recently, I spent some time with [...]