Good Friends

good-friends-are-like-starsWhen I take an inventory of my life and the relationships I have developed over the years, I must say I have some great friends.  Friends who have walked with me through difficult and good times, but more importantly who understand the meaning of “sticketh closer than a brother.”

Recently, I spent some time with friends I have known for more than 20 years but don’t see as often as we live in different states.  However, we didn’t miss a beat when we got together which is a part of the beauty of our friendship.  My “beauty pageant” friend as I affectionately refer to her is still as poised and confident as she was when we met in 1990 as pageant contestants.  She is that type of friend that quickly reminds you of your worth when you have had a falling off moment or two.   My New Yorker moved to the south friend, now he’s a piece of work.  LOL! Good as gold but super guarded with high deflection skills especially on mushy girly topics.  He asked me have I ever thought about being a “therapist?”  And of course me with my come back response, “my bar license does say Attorney and Counselor.”  I won’t mention his frugal living and obsession with coupons (i.e. Groupon, LivingSocial, Angie’s list) and our discussion on using them on first dates.  If you’re a girl above coupons, he’s not the man for you.  But, as I say all the time, look at it with better eyes, because you might miss out.  A man that saves and can make it happen for less is an attractive characteristic.

The jewels in friendship besties from college and childhood — are priceless.  We pray together, laugh together, cry together and of course “girl talk” together.  If I had to describe them with one word using the first letter in their first name, it would go something like this, “good-hearted,” “empathic” and “prudent.”   Ms. Prudent encourages me to be timely and use cash more than plastic including debit cards.  Ms. Empathic reminds me to wear the shoes of others to see the other side.  Ms. Good-hearted helps me to remain optimistic regardless of the situation.

I have always been passionate about friends and friendships. But, sometimes the bad apples of “friends” develop in you mistrust and a guarded demeanor which can easily make you lose sight of the joy of true friends.  You know those apples your mother warned you about — those in your circle but not in your corner and who secretly wish your demise.  Boy that sounds foreign to me and has been difficult at times to sink in because I’m such an “I see the good in people person.”  But the truth of the matter is it has been my reality at times during the course of my journey through life — friends and the betrayal of that friendship.  Yet in still, I’m getting past these disappointments and my resolve is God’s covering over my life supersedes any contrary plan.  When I think of friendship, the lyrics of Hezekiah Walker’s song “I need you to survive” comes to mind.  “I pray for you, you pray for me, I love you, I need you to survive. I won’t harm you with words from my mouth, I love you….”

Dedicated to my good friends and to those who have shown themselves to be a friend

Chante Prox is a family law attorney and mediator practicing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area @ or follow her on twitter @  for her sometimes random thoughts and whatnots.

            Disclaimer:  This information should not be considered as legal advice.  Decisions should be based on consultation with a licensed attorney.  This blog is for informative purposes only.  

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