This good place I’m in

imageI’m in a good place in my life. I ask myself what does that really mean; this good place that I’m in? I almost want to say I can’t explain it, I just feel and know it. However, that would be too easy and you wouldn’t get any mileage out of that. So, if I had to describe it using one word beginning with the first initial of my first name, it would be content. I’m in a state of “peaceful happiness.” My soul has joy knowing first and foremost that I am a child of God and I delight and thirst after God’s righteousness which makes me blessed. Even when I’m like Paul at times in my life, when I want to do good and evil is always present, hiding in wait to ambush me, I still have tranquility in knowing that I am anchored; held in place by grace and love.

This morning, I woke up with the song “Because he lives I can face tomorrow,” on my mind which reminded me of my grandmother. She would sing this song and other spiritual songs around the house all the time. This song made me pause and reflect on the strength that I pull from that was passed down to me from great people before me such as my grandmother (affectionately called “big mama” RIP) who loved the Lord. I watched her in both good and bad times and at the end of the day her faith was always at the forefront of her troubles and blessings. I admired her for that and can see her influence in me. There’s nothing like a grandmother who prays and believes in the power of God. Their prayers are almost always selfless and futuristic; focusing on the needs of future generations.

I am not without shortcomings and misgivings by no means, but I am with hope which is my life escort and source of contentment. Because He lives I can face tomorrow … because He lives all fear is gone… because I know He holds the future …And life is worth the living, just because He lives … He is Risen!

 Dedicated to my “big mama”

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My April Fools

April Fools

Today, I woke up in a good and playful mood; worked from home for most of the morning and spent the afternoon in Court on a contested matter. It dawned on me that it was April Fools’ Day and me being the suit person that I am decided to relax and indulge in a little mischievous behavior.  So, I added a life event to my FB page which stated I “got engaged.”   I had contemplated for a minute on what type of joke I wanted to play and came across a FB friend’s status which indicated that she had gotten engaged.  I immediately fell out laughing and said to myself “that’s a good one” especially compared to such statuses as “I’m pregnant.”  Now, that’s on a whole ‘nother level and I don’t play with stuff like that (laughing out loud).  Any who, I confess and come clean; April Fools, I’m not engaged.  But thanks for all the congratulatory comments and kind words.  And to my admirers, I’m still on the market.  XO – Chante