My situation right now

Sitting on the patio in a good spot doing my thang – people watching – after a long day! I spent my Friday in an all day seminar that lasted until 5 PM. I know, who does that? Fridays are what I call “entrepreneur’s day” where I beat my “Corporate America” friends off work and to happy hour. Lol!

Today, I rolled in Ocean Prime and before I could sit down, a gentleman asked me if I was “Kim or Karen?” And me being me, I said “yes.” His eyes got even bigger and then I said, “I’m just playing.” Crickets. He said his cousin introduced him to a Karen or Kim and he was meeting her here. I said, “well brotha you need to get the name right first and foremost.” And we both laughed.

I listen to him talk about his monthly experience at Stanley Korshak and his love of uber. He was a man with style and of course flamboyant but funny. When I ordered, he told Marco to put it on his tab. My man LL talks it but walks it too! Karen eventually arrived and I gave him two thumbs up! He gave me a nod with a big smile.

I continued to mix and mingle and chatted with Stephanie who was in town for a conference. She was too funny and super hyper in a good way. We even became FB friends.

I realize more and more, I’m that girl that doesn’t meet a stranger.

Oh yea, let me mention, I ran into a high school classmate that I was happy to see. He’s good people.

Well, the guitarist is back on, so I gotta run! xoxo ~Chante

This blog was written on the fly! #bloggedfromMYIphone

4 thoughts on “My situation right now

  1. I did too! …great meeting you and all your energy! Lol! And congrats on your certification 🙂


  2. 👍👍👍 I had a great time at Oceans Prime! You definately picked up on my hyper energy! BTW scored 100% on my TPI Certification!


  3. Gina McGowan Cade May 16, 2014 — 11:13 PM

    Hey Kim, I mean Karen, I mean Chante lol! Sounds like the night is off to a great start. Enjoy your weekend.


    1. Lol! That encounter was hilarious! He got it right and I’m glad he did!


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