Either You Want Me Or You Don’t!

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Single For 1 With The Duke

Your decision

Sometimes it is easy to make dating and relationships become far too complex. There is often too much guesswork going on. You’re trying to figure them out and they’re trying to figure you out. You think they like you, but you’re not sure if they’re into you as much as you’re into them.

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My dad…rock solid

It’s Father’s Day and dad’s time to illuminate and be appreciated. My father, who I affectionately call “Willie” sometimes, is a solid father! And you can’t get it better than that. Growing up, he was outnumbered in the house; a wife and 4 girls. Yikes! But, he had that thing down like most men have; letting us think we were running something, when in fact he set the standard. Even my mother who we call the “giant” in the family fell in line when “rock solid” put his foot down. She complied kicking and screaming though. LOL!

I along with my oldest sister and niece joined my father at church today. He was all suited up in his usher uniform but the women took the wheel and were the escorts today. The message from the pulpit was about the “ideal father”; a saved man of God who welcomed his parental responsibility and embraced the value of “training up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” My dad took an active role in our upbringing and I can recall him being the disciplinarian more so than my mother. Of course, I was a “good girl” so I didn’t take too much of his time. Now my sister Donna on the other hand, that’s another story. That girl, I tell you, you gotta love her. I can recall the time like it was yesterday when my father punished her for acting out at school; she couldn’t go to the skating rink with us. Back in the day, Shamrock skating rink was the place to be. My sister cried, screamed and stomped her feet in the middle of the yard like someone was killing her as we drove off. My dad stopped the truck in the middle of the street and got out and she took off like a track star and my father pursued. So y’all know she got some extra attention that day; making my father run. He didn’t play that.

I felt safe and secure as a child and that covering my dad provided to his family still lives out in my life today. His presence and commitment to his family above all else is one of the attributes I admire and cherish about my father. Family was his first priority back then and it still is today.

Happy Father’s Day! XOXO ~Chante

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Wheels up for the weekend

Monday came twice this past week with all its drama and who shot Johnny! It’s like the universe knew I would be jetting this weekend to do absolutely nothing but relax; a much needed task to check off my “to do list.” Well, it is mid point of the year and a sista has been on the grind! So, a vacation is the logical next step and one off the cuff is even more adventurous. I asked the boss if I could go and she said “why yes, you’re the best employee!” Lol! I love the get up and go; it’s the escapade I crave in my life.

The weekend in Mexico got off to a great start with dinner and dancing in Playa del Carmen with girlfriends escorted by our local eye candy tour guide. It has been a minute since I’ve been here. But the goal is always the same; having fun with girlfriends! I’m a little older and wiser, so no dancing on tables this go around! Ha! Well.

The girls spa day was awesome and filled with all the fanfare a girl needs and deserves. And the “Warrior” workouts kicked our butts! Yep boot camp was on the relaxation menu. Sore and sexy is a good combination.

The rain has kept us off the beach but it worked in our favor. No tans but a lot of rest and great fellowship!

The patio where I sit now became my place to still away to have my morning quiet time. I think, I pray, and even sing all without saying a word out loud but with a grateful heart.

It’s my season and I embrace it and all things to come.

xoxo ~ Chante