Holding Pattern … it’s not safe to land


With my saga over the years, it amazes me that I’m hopeful and still embrace the girly fairy tales of love that play out in my head. I remind myself often that matters of the heart requires faith and patience but most of all courage. When the love scars haven’t quite scabbed over it takes courage to give you permission to try love again. My oldest sister asked me one time if I would remarry and I replied without reservation “yes.” She smiled but gave me that big sister frown she gives when she thinks you got to be out of your mind! But, the funny thing is, she’s still married to her “high school sweetheart” which might be the source of her animated demeanor. No shade brother-in-law (with a straight face).

With all this buoyancy there is no doubt the distractions that can sometimes shake my faith especially when it appears the “bad girls” are having all the fun. I probably should stop watching “trash TV” as a friend of mine refers to it, but only if it was that simple. The reality TV world we live in will be and if not some other trend will definitely pop up. So if it was in what I see and don’t see, I would have given up long time ago. I’m thankful my hope lies in my faith and God’s promises to me.

I’m not above doubting Thomas and not afraid to admit that I feel some type of way at times about this holding pattern I find my love life in. God and I have chatted about this predicament many times and I’m resolved in the fact that it’s just not safe to land. Just like a plane has to maintain its flight path until it gets permission to land so it is for me. Patience is the key and as a colleague who I affectionately call “first lady” said to me “let patience have her perfect work.” For me walking by faith and not by sight takes on an even heightened meaning on this journey of love. I get restless and edgy at times as passengers often do when the plane is flying a hold. To calm the situation, the pilot gets on the mic to offer words of reassurance.  My Pilot does the same and I want to encourage you to hold on.

In the meantime, what shall I do until the runway is clear? Live my life to the fullest and be the person I want to attract. That’s simple enough.

To my girlfriends and the “good girls” who stand in my shoes believe as I do “one day love will find you or meet you somewhere in the middle.” Hang in there! ~ XOXO Chante


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