Priceless experiences


It’s the end of the month and some interesting events have occurred since my last blog post.  This past week, I got my father out of the house and on the golf course; a place he lived at when he was working and basically quit when he retired in 2006.  Isn’t that ironic? He has all the time in the world now to play a “sport” he loves instead he’s home mostly watching the western channel and running with his boo of 52 years.  Well you can’t hate on that though. I felt very blessed and honored to play with my dad and look forward to playing again.

Now on to this “big girl” road trip to the Hill Country I took last weekend.  I was footloose and fancy free; driving solo through small towns that I have never heard of or been to.  Don’t worry, I’m from Texas and I had my protection with me in case trouble ran into me.  If you see me fighting the bear, help the bear.  Ha!  Only one deer crossed my path the entire trip and I was thankful for that.  I’ve heard the horror deer bang up stories and my friend made sure to scare the hell out of me with one of his.  Any who, I arrived at the Money family’s Pontotoc vineyard without any hiccups to join the gang in picking grapes for harvest.  This was labor intensive for a city girl but one rewarding experience nevertheless.  I love wine and to witness the wine-making process – from picking to the barrels – was phenomenal!  Oh yea and the reward after the picking was a pig roasting affair along with wine tasting.  Now, I’m born and raised Texas and have never seen a whole pig roasted and carved up for the eating.  It was delicious but don’t tell anyone I ate a hog! LOL!

I ended my road trip with a stopover at another lawyer friend’s beautiful and peaceful ranch just east of Austin.  The drive back home introduced me to more new Texas towns and great scenery.  This road trip was one living in the moment experience!  #Priceless! ~Chante XOXO

Chante Prox is a family law attorney and mediator practicing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area @ or follow her on twitter @ for her sometimes random thoughts and whatnots.

Disclaimer: This information should not be considered as legal advice. Decisions should be based on consultation with a licensed attorney. This blog is for informative purposes only.

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