Waiting well

I’m reminded often that this journey of life involves waiting which sometimes sucks. Whether it’s waiting in line at the airport or to get your favorite espresso at the coffee shop or for that big break in your life or love interest, waiting can be irksome. But, waiting is life. It’s unavoidable. When one something arrives, we can find ourselves waiting on something else. Nevertheless, there are benefits to holdups in our lives. Waiting builds patience which delivers self-discipline.  It increases your faith and sometimes ushers in a level of discovery about oneself that may not otherwise be apparent.  Take me for instance, my singleness has become an attractive feature in my life now that the focus is not on the delay but adjusting to the circumstances on purpose.  That’s waiting well.

I’m enjoying life even more and pleasantly smile at all the paths I thought I wanted.  God knows best.  XOXO ~ Chante

Chante Prox is a family law attorney and mediator practicing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area @ http://www.barnesproxlaw.com or follow her on twitter @ https://twitter.com/chanteprox for her sometimes random thoughts and whatnots.

Disclaimer: This information should not be considered as legal advice. Decisions should be based on consultation with a licensed attorney. This blog is for informative purposes only.

1 thought on “Waiting well

  1. Waiting for the “next” one! 😉


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