Hello there! It’s been a minute. How are you? Well, I’ve been still writing but just not out loud. Lol! I’m back with simple tidbits and thoughts that will be brief. I’m sitting here watching women boxing with hubby and we began a discussion on women boxing “uniforms” and what’s considered traditional and perhaps too revealing and distracting from the game. Well, I end my thoughts with this, the watcher should focus more on the boxing skills and the game instead of what the athlete is wearing. And, more importanly, allow people to be who they are and want to be! There is definitely room in the world for that, right?!

Congratulations to Alycia Baumgardner on her win! By the way, I loved her fashionable boxing attire.

Stay swell – Chante 💜

#womenboxing #healthydiscussions

1 thought on “Boxing

  1. True that. I don’t really care what the dress code is as long as there’s skill on display. Some standards are necessary though, especially when it comes to grappling, where fingers or toes could get snagged in too-loose clothing. Just thought I’d chime in as a combat sports fan. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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