Safe Space

I realize more and more that writing and getting it out of my head and heart frees up my soul and graces me with mental clarity. It’s my safe space. Speaking of safe spaces, I woke up this morning thinking about safe spaces and their meaning. One might conceptualize it as a space to share opinions or truths in a non-threatening environment. You know where people quietly listen without interrupting or lashing out at you. When I think of safe spaces, that picture does come to mind. A safe space for me is not only about being heard. It is also about being seen, touched, and taking up space, including leaning into your designated chair in the universe, among other things.

In this season of the world we live in now, you must TAKE your safe space because no one is going to give it to you. That’s no one. Protecting your peace and knowing your triggers is an individual agency. Yours to behold at all cost!

So, power up my friends!

XOXO – Chante

2 thoughts on “Safe Space

  1. Chante..said a word here…Love the post… “You must TAKE your safe space because no one is going to give it to you.”

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  2. Yes, lean in, sis! Thanks for reading and sending encouraging energy my way.


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