I am happy about the decision to go vegan!

Over three years ago was the last time I ate meat. In 2020, we became vegetarians. I am vibrating higher as I move into veganism. I gave up eggs (a perfect time for that, with the price of eggs, right?) and cheese as I moved seamlessly into a vegan diet which was the goal all along. Some things are a process, and this one endeavor was no different. I am happy about this decision and how the turn of events unfolded. We didn’t just jump in but were strategic!

Now, I’ve become a conscious label reader for ingredients, which I find fascinating and speak volumes to my soul. How is it that it seems like corn syrup is in everything? That’s a topic for another day. And, indeed, something to explore and ponder.

What have you desired to do for your wellness? Is it been brewing in your soul?

Whatever it is, I encourage you to take the first step, be consistent, and give yourself some grace always.

By the way, Happy 2023 to you!

Until next time, stay swell.

Xoxo – Chante

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