“Call sometimes”

Remember me? I’m still relevant

Sometimes I wish we were still using payphones.  At least you knew there was some effort in trying to be reached.  I know it’s 2014 and dating in the digital world provides more options for gaining access to people.  But, what happened to the bare basics of dating such as talking on the phone?  I’m still very much a traditional girl and can probably speak for a lot of “grown” women.   We still like phone calls!  Men you got to pick up the phone sometimes and dial those digits.  There’s nothing like hearing your voice and living in the moment with you over conversation.  I understand the need for instant connection such as “text messaging” and can flex when necessary. But c’mon texting or messaging as the main form of communication shouldn’t be for grown folks.  It’s too impersonal and juvenile.  I know I might be stuck in the era of falling asleep on the phone and the world has moved on to bigger and better things.  But, conversing over the phone is still hot!  Dating in this age may have taken on some interesting twist but the fundamentals don’t really change.  Talk time is still relevant in getting to know someone.  What do you think?  ~ XOXO Chante

Chante Prox is a family law attorney and mediator practicing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area @ http://www.barnesproxlaw.com or follow her on twitter @ https://twitter.com/chanteprox for her sometimes random thoughts and whatnots.

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4 thoughts on ““Call sometimes”

  1. Chante,

    We’re on the same page here. I concur. I don’t buy into the excuse of “I’m not a phone person!” If you’re interested in someone, you will become a phone person if necessary. As a man, I also want the verbal conversation with the woman. Texts can easily be misconstrued, and people can hide behind text messages. Texts are supplements not the bulk of communication.


    1. Yep! We make adjustments when we’re interested. I’ve been told I’m showing my age on this matter. Lol! Oh well.

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  2. I know I’m a man, but I am so in agreement with you here. I often tell my girlfriend we don’t have enough real time phone conversations where we get the pleasure of just hearing each other’s voices.

    The other drawback about getting to a place where you text more than you actually talk to each other is that you sort of get out of the practice of actually having real-time conversation. Next thing you know you get on the phone with each other and find it more awkward than it should be!

    I don’t really care if we’re having ground-breaking, earh-moving conversations that never have a lul or awkward pause. I just want the pleasure of hearing the rise and fall of her inflections and the sound of her voice.


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