This post is dedicated to my beloved mother and her energy I feel right now. May she continue to show up. And may I endeavor to be attuned. 

Woke up with this on my mind. Sometimes it’s not always what you do, it’s what you didn’t do. Not sure if this is an owned quote or not but if it is, I pause silently now to give the author credit. Just like a legal instructor, to be thinking about the legalities. I’m just wired that way since childhood though. Thinking about the ethics. This in itself has its pros and cons. One con for me off the top of my head, is being too measured when it calls for a situation of “I got time today.” I’m showing up more authentically in this work and inspired by my mother’s words, “speak for yourself.” At any rate, “didn’t do” is what stands out for me. Is this postponement or neglect? Same difference perhaps.

Postponement is just a pretty euphemism for neglect. So I’ll just keep it 💯. It’s neglect of the finest. I am challenged to think about my priorities and what areas of my life are being neglected by me or others. I can’t control others but, I sure can determine how they show up and attempt to show out in my space. And most importantly, I can influence me. I will make it a reflection priority this week. To identify the neglect in my life.

Will you join me if applicable? Nothing to do for now but, to ID it.

Make it a great weekend. Xoxo- Chante💜

2 thoughts on “Neglect

  1. A valuable and eye opening post! Thank you for the inspiration! Keep on keeping on Cuz! Love you!


    1. Thank you cousin for reading and words of encouragement. I love you too! 😍


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