Wheels up for the weekend

Monday came twice this past week with all its drama and who shot Johnny! It’s like the universe knew I would be jetting this weekend to do absolutely nothing but relax; a much needed task to check off my “to do list.” Well, it is mid point of the year and a sista has been on the grind! So, a vacation is the logical next step and one off the cuff is even more adventurous. I asked the boss if I could go and she said “why yes, you’re the best employee!” Lol! I love the get up and go; it’s the escapade I crave in my life.

The weekend in Mexico got off to a great start with dinner and dancing in Playa del Carmen with girlfriends escorted by our local eye candy tour guide. It has been a minute since I’ve been here. But the goal is always the same; having fun with girlfriends! I’m a little older and wiser, so no dancing on tables this go around! Ha! Well.

The girls spa day was awesome and filled with all the fanfare a girl needs and deserves. And the “Warrior” workouts kicked our butts! Yep boot camp was on the relaxation menu. Sore and sexy is a good combination.

The rain has kept us off the beach but it worked in our favor. No tans but a lot of rest and great fellowship!

The patio where I sit now became my place to still away to have my morning quiet time. I think, I pray, and even sing all without saying a word out loud but with a grateful heart.

It’s my season and I embrace it and all things to come.

xoxo ~ Chante


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